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Aleksandar Aleksiev


My name is Aleksandar Aleksiev and I'm from Bulgaria. Since many years I've been feeling a backpain, but the recent 2 years - almost constant. At one stage and it appeared suddenly, the pain went too far. Almost unbearable. At that time I stopped feeling some part of my leg and the heel. I was heria diagnosed in Bulgaria.

About a month after later I passed an operation, which was very professionally done by Dr Geftler. On 4-th hour after the surgery, I was able to walk and on the second day I was walking very easily. I wanted to go home after the first night. After the operation it turned out that my problem was not a disk hernia, but a synuvial cyst. Dr Gefler being so preffesional, made me confident that it is cyst and believe me, I was waiting for the hystological results very calm.

At present I feel perfect, no pain at all, I go to work everyday. It that sence its like it never happened. I'm slowly starting to feel that part of my leg, which I didn't,before the operation and my heel.

Great Thanks Dr Geftler, you made me feel like a brand new man!